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Healthy vision is imperative, and that's why the doctors at Ada Eyecare ensure that with every visit, you receive the personalized care you deserve. Our optometrists use the most advanced technology to properly assess, diagnose, and treat eye diseases, injuries, and any conditions that affect the eye.  

When you are experiencing discomfort due to an eye injury or eye disease, you can expect our doctors to provide you with personalized care in every visit.

Voted one of the five best eye doctors for kids in the greater Grand Rapids area.

 •  Screening for glaucoma and cataract

 •  Pediatric vision testing

 •  Contact lens

 •  Lasik referral

Improve your vision with a visit to Ada Eyecare. Our focus is to provide you with thorough exams and accurate diagnoses. You'll be treated with the best care to ensure your vision is top notch.

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Receive comprehensive vision care

Personalized care and comfort

Complete and thorough exams

We keep the focus on you


Your vision is our priority